Custom Marvel vs Capcom 2
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Custom MvC2 Home

Welcome to the custom MvC2 home page. Here you will find the updated version of ComboMasher's classic tutorial for making a custom MvC2 for the Dreamcast. All necessary downloads and tool are located on the downloads page.

These instructions presume that you have downloaded the file from the Download page: has backups of all the software needed here. (In some cases, you may be able to download "current" versions of the needed software if those companies are still around.)

Extract the "selfboot" folder from the "SelfBoot" zip file to your "C:" drive. View. You will see a folder called "data", this is where you will want to extract all your data to. This will be the folder we will be working with for most of these steps.

Hit Preppy up at Twitter (zachdms) if you notice anything broken. If you need help - or want to share your work! - the MvC2 Custom Mix group on Facebook is great.