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Creating the ISO


The best option on Windows right now, and works with all versions of Windows. You can download it here or use the version in the selfboot.ZIP.

It is very easy to use to use BootDreams to create your DiscJuggler CDI image.

  • Launch BootDreams
  • Click Browse and select the data directory you've been building this mix in.
  • Optional: Set the CD Label to your mix name.
  • Set the Disc format to "Data\Data".
  • Set the Extras : Dummy File size appropriate to your CD-R if you're going to burn to a CD. The Dreamcast is ancient, ancient hardware: the Dummy file ensures that the actual game data the laser needs to read is on the outside of the disc where the system can load it very quickly. If you are not planning on burning to CD at any point, you can save yourself time and set it to None. But slowdowns suck, so adding a dummy file is useful.
  • Say NO to the Katana scramble question. (If you EVER EVER say YES to the scramble, it will update your 1st_read.bin to store that state and will never ask you again for that project. You will not be able to create a working ISO until you undo that by reverting to an older pre-munged 1st_read.bin or otherwise go back to a working 1st_read.bin. So don't say yes.)
There's more of a guide here if you need it, but you should be good.

Now that you've got your CDI, it's a great plan to test it by playing it before burning. NullDC BEAR is a great way to test it on your PC.

Once you're sure it's working, you're either done - or you can burn an actual CD in the next step.

If you're in a hurry, you can also use BootDreams to directly burn your data folder to CD using the fourth option (CDRecord), but having the CDI around afterwards is usually better.