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Burning to CD

There are two major easy options for burning CDIs to a disc: burning via BootDreams or burning via IMGBurn.

Option 1: Burning with BootDreams

We're going to keep using the BootDreams software that's in the selfboot.ZIP.
  • Open up BootDreams if it's not already open.
  • Go to the fifth option, IMGRecord, by clicking on the CD icon in BootDreams.
  • Click Browse and point BootDreams to the CDI you just created.
  • Change the Burn speed to 4x just to be safe.
  • Click Process and then wait for the burn to complete.

Option 2: Burning with IMGBurn

First you need to install ImgBurn and add the Padus CDI File Mounter extension. (The Padus CDI File Mounter is also available on the bottom of the IMGBurn download page, along with some other cool extensions.) You can install IMGBurn via these steps:
  • Install IMGBurn from SetupImgBurn_2.5.8.0 from the selfboot.ZIP (or their website).
  • Add the Dreamcast CDI Support extension by opening up the pfctoc.zip file and copying those files to "C:\Program Files (x86)\ImgBurn".
Now that you've got ImgBurn set up, burn your mix by writing your CDI to the physical CD:
  • Open up ImgBurn
  • Click "Write image to disc"
  • Change the Source to the CDI you just created.
  • Change the Settings :: Write Speed to 4x from AWS.
  • Click Burn and wait.

Once that finishes, you're good! Enjoy!

(Note that Revision 2 Dreamcasts can't play burned discs. Those are not common, though.)