Marvel vs Capcom 2: Data

This page contains various types of MvC2 data and information.


Nearly raw data

Page Name Note
MvC2 character data Somewhat raw dump of the exact data used for the characters. Includes visualized hitboxes and hurtboxes.


Processed data

Page Name Note
characterdefense.html Lists the defense tiers
dashingdata.html Information about dashing
dhctimes.html List of DHC timings.
fastestnormals.html Fastest normal attack list for each character
guardstiffness.html Mandatory blocking frames before a character can jump or dash after blocking
mashing.html Different information regarding mashing.
normaldamage.html Damage list for normal attacks
normaldurations.html Duration list for normal attacks
normal-startups.html Startup list for normal attacks
superjumpcancel.html List of moves that can be Super jump canceled
unblockabledhcs.html List of Unblockable DHCs


Joo's Unabridged MvC2 Data

Everything is in Japanese, so the description of the data may not be fully accurate.
Page Name Description
01_Combo.htm Contains all his combo ideas that were obtained from collecting data.
02_Skill1.htm Has information for various types of engine properties and character-specific data
03_Skill2.htm Contains type of information as Skill1, however, there are some differences in the type of data.
04_InputCommand.htm The program pad sequences to his combos.
05_Dummy.htm Various types of information regarding dummy properties.
06_Charctor.htm Different types of character information. Has some info about their abilities.
07_System.htm Contains information about the MvC2 system as a whole.