Please check back regularly for updates. There are typically several updates per week. Please do hit me up if you encounter issues/concerns/confusion. I recommend using the latest non-beta version, but the beta versions usually have new/improved stuff. The PalMod guides can be found here.

Current Version:
Version 1.78: Support for Aggressors of Dark Kombat (Neo-Geo), Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match (NESICAxLive and PS3), Asura Buster (Fuuki), Avengers in Galactic Storm (Data East), Battle K-Road (Psikyo), CvS1 rerip (NAOMI), Daemon Bride (NESICAxLive), Daemon Bride: Additional Gain (NESICAxLive), Fatal Fury 3 (Neo-Geo), Guilty Gear: Missing Link (PS1), Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire (Kaneko), Kabuki Klash: Far East of Eden (Neo-Geo), Magical Drop II (Neo-Geo), Mortal Kombat II (Arcade), Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel (NESICAxLive, PS3, and Steam), Primal Rage (SNES), and Street Fighter 1. You can now change which color(s) are selected in palette view using CTRL + ALT + directional keys. New palettes and previews. A bunch of internal improvements. Fix a couple crashes.

The ZIP and the EXE version contain the exact same files. The EXE includes a normal Nullsoft installer if you like that and is smaller.

Since 1.22 way back in 2008: Added support for about 160 new games (plus their variants); indexed PNG export so that your PNGs contain the palette data; support for SIMM-based rips of Jojos, MvC2, and SFIII; "Unknown Game" mode for ROM exploration; global color picker (press CTRL+SHIFT+V to have PalMod paste whatever color your mouse cursor is over); Windows 10 Color Picker Power Toy paste support; new sprites, high DPI support, 24/32 bit color support; new palettes for most games, large palette support, support for more color formats, 16 color per line support, multisprite export work, IPS patch output, Unicode, faster and uses less memory, secondary (connected) palette processing for more games (MSH, MSHVSF, MVC, SF3, and XMVSF), and important bug fixes especially for MvC2-Dreamcast. Please do not use 1.22: it is old and buggy. You want the latest non-beta version.

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