rose-colored glasses
me by me
"Laugh while you can, monkey boy!", Lord Whorfin, Buckaroo Banzai

Name: Zach
Also Known As: Preppy (nickname due to Saved By the Bell)
Hair: Somewhere between dishwater blonde and brown and red.
Job: Developer on Windows at Microsoft.
Ethnicity: Primarily Irish/Scottish.

Hobbies: Soccer, trying new things, games, reading, writing.
Video Games: Mostly Marvel vs Capcom 2. Other games are fun but not as awesome.
Board Games: Love 'em. Currently most into Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Seven Wonders, and Dominion.
Future Plans: Continue working out. Write a good short story. Help Windows rock. Learn to cook better.
Favorite Color: Orange or blue.
Favorite Movie: I.Q.. Tim Robbins and Meg Ryan and Walter Matthau... just the best cast.

Titles legitimately held: King of Disneyland (Oct 21 2007), Galactic Hero (Oct 22 2007), ninja (job at Microsoft as of Fall 2006), Mutant (from the X-Men Movie Site), Wizard (from the Harry Potter Movie Site), Mystic Agent (The Tick fan club), Angel (Victoria's Secret club), Saint (Universal Life Church), Jedi Master (Rounder Records "Be a Jedi!" CD/book set), etc. I like sending away for titles, badges, and other awards.
Food: Generally vegetarian. Very partial to spaghettis, curries, jambalaya.
Drink: Henry Weinhardt Black Cherry Cream, Roy Rogers.
Weirdest Aspect: I get orange and green crossed in my head. I'll see orange but say something is green. And vice versa.
Best friend: Kate the Very Evil.