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Howdy and welcome to my web site. It was formerly a fairly extensive archive of fighting game videos, gathering from the Go-For-Broke DirectConnect hub, my own tournaments travels, and my friends across the country. Recently (Jan 3, 2022) my service provider decided that I was using too much space and has removed the "matches" and "combos" folder (~600GB). Those folders are no longer available. I have all the backing content saved locally, of course. In the current era I don't know if my site's video archives are particularly useful, and as such haven't really decided what to do as regards that content. The other parts of the site - extensive game data and research is still here and I hope you find it useful. If there is listed video content that you need/want, I have access to it: let me know what you need via Twitter (@zachdms) or the MvC2 Discord and I'll put it online on YouTube if I can. If I didn't create the content, I can potentially figure out who did and check in with them about it. This site has been up since 1998(!): I haven't decided what my next steps are, but I do want the core information to still be online. The old intro follows...:

Welcome to the Marvel vs Capcom 2 archives. As "king" of my local scrubby arcade back in 2002, I thought I was pretty good. Then I played Rattana, one of the guys who'd been to Evo, at an arcade further away and got destroyed. I wondered how much more there was to know about this game. I remembered reading Tips and Tricks magazine and hearing about the legendary Alex Valle and Ricky Ortiz, but all I knew about them were their names and pictures. How did they play? How did great players play? A friend of a friend said they had a VHS tape of awesomeness, but I never saw it. So when I started playing semi-seriously, I made it a point to try to help share my experience with others: to build knowledge and community. I started to collect and mirror footage from others around the world via file-sharing software on the old Go-For-Broke DirectConnect hub. Eventually I started traveling around the country myself, filming various major tournaments and sharing that footage, setting up this site when Go-For-Broke died. YouTube's inexorable march eventually destroyed almost every other site, but this site remains to help mirror the tons of content others and myself produced over the years. In some cases I simply don't know who made a video, so couldn't put it up on YouTube even if I wanted to. :\

This site contains well over 500GB of match videos and combo videos from around the world. Some are excellent, some are terrible, but the opportunity is here for you to learn from and enjoy over a decade of one of the best games ever made. This site can be hard to navigate through: the links on the left and the search engine are probably the most valuable places to start and should direct you to good stuff.

These days MvC2 is now mostly a side game at tournaments, but does have a good following online on XBLA, PSN, and Fightcade. I personally still play on PSN and Fightcade, but really only casually: it's hard to get really high-level Marvel when the game is always a couple frames behind. But it's still a helluva game, and it's been a helluva journey.

Please enjoy the site.

PS: Rattana is still way better than me. But I did beat him in a tourney once: you have to start somewhere. He also has a pretty sweet restaurant these days: stop by if you're ever in town. :)

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Other stuff:
Please do not put stuff I recorded up on YouTube. I have my own YouTube account. If it's not up on YouTube, it's either something I forgot about or have been asked not to put on YouTube. If you want me to put something up on YouTube, please ask me and I'll look into it. :)

Unlock All MvC2 Characters
The official CapCom document on how to unlock all characters on US MvC2 arcade board is here (my easier summary of it is found here). Obot also pointed me to a Text write-up of the Japanese steps if you have a Japanese cart.

A lot of new players don't know the tiers. Marvel is a pretty complex game, but this very handy SRK Tier List does divide up the tiers almost perfectly. I realize that most people these days actually haven't seen top quality play of the non Top 4 characters, but ... yeah, those tiers are really accurate.