Vangelis - The Collection [Rhino] Disc 1

Conquest of Paradise04:53
Chariots of Fire [Titles]03:29
Blade Runner [End Titles]04:38
Eternal Alexander04:36
Anthem [Official 2002 FIFA World Cup Anthem]02:57
Line Open04:27
To the Unknown Man05:42
10 Voices06:58
11 Up and Running03:09
12 Blade Runner [Main Titles]05:32
13 Tears In Rain03:02
14 So Long Ago, So ClearJon & Vangelis05:01
15 I'll Find My Way HomeJon & Vangelis04:29
16 State of IndependenceJon & Vangelis05:00
17 I Hear You NowJon & Vangelis05:13