Uncle Bonsai - Plain Brown Wrapper

Olivia Newton John04:23
Don't Put It in Your Mouth03:43
Man for the 80's05:37
Meet Me Under the Table (A Drinking Song)04:56
Kill the Competition (A Love Song)03:02
Parcel Post01:17
In the Suburbs04:16
To Market, to Market (Pigs)05:38
Too Many Creeps01:14
10 Boys in Heat04:50
11 They're at It Again05:19
12 Splitting the Genes02:36
13 Eine Kleine Nacht Musik01:30
14 Chubby Wanna Sundae04:37
15 Ashley's Little Blues02:05
16 There Is a Line01:51
17 I Like Girls03:01
18 Rich Kids03:51
19 The Star Spangled Banner02:39