Moxy Früvous - Live Noise

Michigan Militia03:31
Jockey Full of Bourbon03:07
Intra-Pennsylvania Rivalry01:21
Good Date Band?01:29
Boo Time03:53
Kirk King Intro00:45
King of Spain03:15
10 The Lowest Highest Point [Improv]03:10
11 B.J. Don't Cry03:21
12 Johnny Saucep'n01:27
13 Nature Sounds00:49
14 I've Gotta Get a Message to You03:25
15 My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors02:49
16 Naked Puppets01:03
17 No No Raja03:03
18 Video Bargainville04:10
19 Kasparov Vs Deep Blue03:27
20 Psycho Killer04:28
21 Losers00:09
22 King of Spain [Cranky Monarch Version]05:19
23 The Drinking Song06:05