Midlake - Late Night Tales: Midlake

Silent PassageBob Carpenter02:40
Time's the ThiefBread, Love and Dreams04:36
Genesis HallFairport Convention03:31
The BlacksmithSteeleye Span03:23
Warmth of Your EyesLazarus02:54
EsmariaJimmie Spheeris05:29
CopenhagenScott Walker02:14
Am I Going Insane06:06
10 UnravelBjörk02:54
11 Silver SoulBeach House04:34
12 CarnivalHarry Robinson05:32
13 Christine's TuneThe Flying Burrito Brothers02:57
14 Happiness & TearsJan Duindam03:34
15 Coldest Night of the YearTwice as Much03:21
16 Crucify Your MindSixto Rodriguez02:28
17 These DaysNico03:29
18 Whispering PinesThe Band05:57
19 The Happy Detective, Pt. 4Will Self02:33