Girl Talk - Girl Talk Murders Seattle

"Give me like three minutes."00:52
(Crowd Noise)03:03
Girl Talk Intro01:39
"SPOON MAN!"01:00
Ringing The Alarm Once Again02:48
What It's All About02:17
Stuntin' By The Lights02:51
Doin' It Bossy02:25
Pump This Party02:44
10 Work It03:11
11 Need You To Set It Off01:58
12 Loving Changes, Hating Changes01:42
13 What A Fool Knows About That03:30
14 Kryptonic Train Ride03:30
15 Whoomp Wit It, Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It03:29
16 Digital Hustlin'03:54
17 Run This Motherfucker01:54
18 Just Need To Stay Fly02:11
19 Galang-nologic01:25
20 Ain't No Other Love Triangle02:14
21 Bounce That01:09
22 Smash Your Head01:37
23 "I finally feel like I'm Spoon Man"01:41
24 Nuckin, Buckin, Gettin' Some02:02
25 Lay It Back And Drop It02:38
26 Pump That Pussy, Don't Back Down01:46
27 Peak Out01:49
28 From The Muddy Banks Of Seattle03:40