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Alive 1997
Around the World [UK #1]
Around the World Remixes
Bite Da Funk Bootleg
Blue Monday
Da Funk
Daft Club
Daft Punk-Remixes One Vinyl
Darker Skies
Deck's n drums n 909
Digital Love [Japan CD]
Discovery Bonus Tracks
Face to Face [Vinyl]
Human After All
Human After All Remixes
Life Is Sweet
Live @ Rex Club Paris
Live at Coachella, CA
One More Time
One More Time (Single CD)
Random Access Memories
The Remixes
The Remixes Volume 3
Robot Rock
Something About Us [CD 1]
Something About Us [CD 2]
Technologic [EP]
Technologic [UK CD #1]
Technologic [UK CD #2]
Tron Legacy: Original Motion Picture Special Edition Soundtrack
Tron: Legacy
Tron: Legacy (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version) [+Digital Booklet]
Tron: Legacy [CD2]
Tron: Legacy [KEXP preview]