Bill Hicks - Rant in E Minor

Part One, Chapter One: Fevered Egos04:06
Part One, Chapter One: Easter01:19
Part One, Chapter One: Gideons01:05
Part One, Chapter Two: People Suck00:22
Part One, Chapter Two: Pro Life04:13
Part One, Chapter Two: People Who Hate People00:32
Part One, Chapter Two: Non-Smokers02:39
Part One, Chapter Two: Gifts of Forgiveness05:10
Part One, Chapter Two: Purple Vein Dick Joke00:29
10 Part Two, Chapter Three: Confession Time (Cops)04:26
11 Part Two, Chapter Three: Wax Dart00:30
12 Part Two, Chapter Three: I'm Talking to Women Here01:11
13 Part Two, Chapter Four: You're Wrong Night05:37
14 Part Two, Chapter Five: A New Flag (Patriotism)01:13
15 Part Two, Chapter Five: Gays in the Military02:25
16 Part Two, Chapter Five: I.R.S. Bust01:10
17 Part Two, Chapter Five: Politics in America00:39
18 Part Two, Chapter Five: Quiet Loner00:58
19 Part Two, Chapter Six: Artistic Roll Call04:34
20 Part Two, Chapter Six: Orange Drink01:08
21 Part Two, Chapter Six: Save Willie01:31
22 Part Two, Chapter Seven: Deficit (Jesse Helms)02:48
23 Part Two, Chapter Seven: Rush Limbaugh02:22
24 Part Three, Chapter Eight: Time to Evolve03:16
25 Part Three, Chapter Nine: Waco (Koresh)05:36
26 Part Three, Chapter Nine: The Pope01:03
27 Part Three, Chapter Nine: Christiananity00:27
28 Part Three, Chapter Nine: Seven Seals00:29
29 Part Three, Chapter Ten: One of the Boys (Clinton)01:04
30 Part Three, Chapter Ten: Car Bomb Derby00:26
31 Part Three, Chapter Ten: The Elite01:06
32 Part Three, Chapter Eleven: Love List (No Future)02:56
33 Part Three, Chapter Eleven: Back to the Garden01:20
34 Part Three, Chapter Eleven: Your Children Aren't Special03:13
35 Part Three, Chapter Eleven: Wizards Have Landed01:44
36 Part Three, Chapter Eleven: Lift Me Lord00:53