Bill Hicks - Igby's - San Francisco

glad you brought a book01:45
it's not a talk show04:43
the hate camel01:58
heather's two mommys02:30
a virus with shoes02:51
God's Got A Way With Words05:45
Hell Is Non Smoking02:19
there's a ledge beyond the edge01:51
we're all jack the ripper02:07
10 that's the story of jesus04:22
11 he din'nt mean ta hit me offuhsur02:15
12 And hoplessness reigns03:06
13 speaking of satan01:50
14 dad's not getting off on these04:01
15 And vernon spoke04:47
16 that's how ya do it towel head01:30
17 I did think of that, i was two at the time02:37
18 evolution of ideas14:42