Bill Hicks - Bill Hicks in Brighton

(Ding Dong) Bush Is Dead05:39
Come Back Shane02:48
Wacky Iranians02:06
The Show's Gonna Start Any Moment (LA riots)04:30
I'm Bilbo Hicks03:20
Jesus-What Balls!03:14
Assassination Pun03:41
You Are Free To Do What We Tell You To06:16
You're Goin' To Hell, Boy!05:44
10 Your 12 Year Old Sketch04:10
11 Nicotine BandAid04:05
12 Reginald Denny03:55
13 Snooker Highlights06:45
14 Charlie Hodge (Madonna's book, blue dot porn, advertising, Charlie Hodge)12:00
15 Einstein Proved That04:30