Ben Folds - iTunes Originals - Ben Folds [Disc 1]

iTunes Originals00:03
Bastard (iTunes Originals Version)05:11
My Inner White Man Came Out In Full Bloom02:39
Philosophy (iTunes Originals Version)05:00
Nothing Manly About Walking Around Singing Neil Sedaka02:45
Boxing (iTunes Originals Version)04:00
Writing About Yourself Without Being Emotionally Lewd02:28
Alice Childress (iTunes Originals Version)04:08
A Really Tough Year02:22
10 Brick (iTunes Originals Version)04:28
11 Making a Stadium Feel Like a Living Room02:52
12 SmokeBen Folds Five04:48
13 I Understood What She Was Talking About00:59
14 Selfless, Cold and ComposedBen Folds Five06:11
15 Meeting Shatner02:36
16 In LoveBen Folds & William Shatner04:46
17 A New Clean Slate01:12
18 MessBen Folds Five04:01
19 The Scariest Thing You've Ever Done Is Right On the Horizon01:09
20 Still Fighting It04:25
21 Making Songs for Silverman02:12
22 Prison Food04:15
23 Landed (iTunes Originals Version)04:18