Ben Folds - University A Cappella!

Not the SameSpartones From Greensboro, NC04:11
JesuslandUniversity Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill's Loreleis04:20
BrickOhio University Leading Tones04:02
You Don't Know MeUniversity Of Georgia's With Someone Else's Money03:08
Still Fighting ItWashington University In St. Louis Mosaic Whispers04:32
Selfless, Cold and ComposedSacramento State Jazz Singers06:25
MagicUniversity Of Chicago's Voices In Your Head05:09
LandedUniversity Of Colorado Buffoons04:11
10 TimePrinceton Nassoons04:02
11 Effington03:27
12 EvaporatedNewtones From Newton, MA05:27
13 Fred Jones, Pt. 2Est Chester University Of Pennsylvania Gracenotes03:43
14 ArmyUniversity Of Rochester Midnight Ramblers03:12
15 FairUniversity Of Wisonsin-Eau Clair's Fifth Element04:24
16 The LuckiestWashington University In St. Louis Amateurs04:49