Ben Folds - The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective [Disc 2]

Julianne (Stockholm, SE 1997)Ben Folds Five02:43
Video (Stockholm, SE 1997)Ben Folds Five04:03
Song for the Dumped (Las Vegas, NV 1998)Ben Folds Five05:10
Missing the War (London, UK 1999)Ben Folds Five04:35
Mess (London, UK 1999)Ben Folds Five04:08
Magic (London, UK 1999)04:10
Selfless, Cold and Composed (New York, NY 2001)05:07
Zak and Sara (New York, NY 2002)03:37
Girl (New York, NY 2002)02:07
10 Just Pretend (Melbourne, AU 2003)The Bens03:08
11 Fred Jones Part 2 (Perth, AU 2005)03:54
12 Careless Whisper (Saratoga, CA 2005)03:37
13 All You Can Eat (Nashville, TN 2006)03:07
14 Long Tall Texan (Houston, TX 2008)02:11
15 Army (Chapel Hill, NC 2008)Ben Folds Five03:26
16 Battle of Who Could Care Less (Chapel Hill, NC 2008)03:23
17 Kylie From Connecticut (Detroit, MI 2008)05:02
18 Effington (Seoul, KR 2001)03:44
19 Picture Window (London, UK 2011)03:45
20 Sentimental Guy (Adelaide, AU 2011)03:18
21 Not the Same (Adelaide, AU 2011)05:38