Ben Folds - Ben Folds "Fifty-Five" Vault

Adelaide (Live in Adelaide 2011)03:11
AirBen Folds Five03:21
All Shook UpBen Folds Five01:55
The Ascent Of Stan (Live in NYC 2002)04:16
BirdsBen Folds Five02:09
Bitch Went Nutz (Paradiso Amsterdam, Holland 3/7/11)04:36
Bizarre Christmas Incident02:23
Brick (Acoustic Version-Live w/The Bens 2003)The Bens04:50
Champagne SupernovaBen Folds Five01:34
10 Cologne (Piano Orchestra Version, Seeds Album Version)06:08
11 Dr. Yang (Live Leuven, Belgium, 11/23/2008)02:35
12 Evaporated (Demo 1992)04:11
13 Family of Me01:28
14 For All The Pretty PeopleBen Folds Five03:22
15 Free Coffee (Live in Mousonturm Frankfurt, Germany, 11/26/08)04:05
16 Girl03:43
17 Golden Slumbers (Live in NYC 2001)02:13
18 Hava NagilaBen Folds Five01:35
19 Heist03:01
20 Hiro's Song (Shaker Version, Palais Theatre St. Kilda, Australia, 5/20/11)03:02
21 Honey Don't (Alternate take)Ben Folds Five02:40
22 Hospital Song (Live in Philadelphia 1999)Ben Folds Five02:22
23 House (Demo, 2011)Ben Folds Five03:41
24 I Knew That 'Cha Could (Demo 2000)02:50
25 In Between Days (Live in Pennsylvania 2005-Edit)03:03
26 In Love (Demo without Shatner 1998)04:28
27 It's All Right With God (Mitch Easter Sessions)Ben Folds Five07:59
28 Jesusland (Live in Kartini Jakarta, Indonesia, 5/26/2011)03:59
29 Jesusland (Stadium Version-Live Hammersmith Apollo London, 5/31/05)02:35
30 Lonely (4 track demo)03:18
31 Lost In The Supermarket03:30
32 Make Me Mommy02:18
33 Mess (Live in Boston with Neil Hannon)04:03
34 Mitchell LaneBen Folds Five03:44
35 Narcolepsy (Live Brussels, Belgium, 1999)Ben Folds Five05:35
36 One Down04:22
37 Prince Charming (Mitch Easter Sessions 2000)Ben Folds Five03:41
38 Prologue (Outtake from "Over the Hedge")01:09
39 Protection (Demo 1994)03:24
40 Radio Jingles for Tokyo's Inter-FM00:52
41 Rockin' The Suburbs (Remix '06)03:21
42 Say Yes (Live at The Onion's AV Undercover 2010)02:08
43 She Don't Use Jelly (Lounge-A-Palooza Version)Ben Folds Five04:12
44 Side of the Road (Alternate Cello Version)03:01
45 Silver Street (Demo 1994)03:29
46 Smoke04:22
47 Song For The Dumped (Demo 1994)03:51
48 Stevens Last Night In Town (Demo, 1994)03:06
49 Theme From Dr. Pyser (Brendan O'Brien Studio Version)Ben Folds Five03:14
50 Underground (Demo, 1992)05:06
51 Video Killed The Radio StarBen Folds Five03:41
52 Where's Summer B? (WNEW Studios; New York, NY 3/24/96)Ben Folds Five04:14
53 Wild Mountain Thyme (Alternate Version)02:48
54 You To Thank (Live in AEC Theatre, Adelaide, Australia, 5/22/11)03:44
55 Your Cheatin' Heart (Live)Ben Folds Five01:35
56 Your Redneck Past (Live in Brussels 1999)Ben Folds Five04:16