"Awesome" - Live at the Rendezvous, June 30 and July 1, 2004

Opening, Part One, 2001 Theme01:12
Opening, Part Two, Mission to an Alien Planet02:11
Opening, Part Three, The Final Countdown02:33
You Left Your Strut On (with Sari Breznau)05:23
Boat of Car01:46
Barney Miller02:46
Theme From Barney Miller and The Theme From The Theme From Barney Miller02:07
10 Robot Ghost03:51
11 O Canada02:37
12 XYZ (With Reggie Watts)09:54
13 Yes-No03:26
14 Mavis (John Ackerman & Evan Mosher)03:59
15 My Religion02:42
16 Magic Mouth of Geometrical Pentagrams04:32
17 Universal Translator05:17
18 The "Goodbye David" Song06:33
19 And I Shamed Them (improv)05:17