by Zach Robinson

He didn't go with her.
He'd done a fun and dangerous thing and had gotten caught.
No one ever wants to think that they'll be caught.
Sex is like that.
We all know that it feels so damned good.
There simply isn't much better than the feel of the woman you love wrapped fully around you.
Crushing you to her,
Sweating out your name,
Demanding more of you.

There simply isn't much better.

But the condom broke or a pill was missed or or or
    something, whatever - it happened, it's over, it's there, deal.
And now the piper has to be paid,
And the woman he supposedly loves is offering herself up to the surgeon's knife.

And he's not there.
In a lot of ways, it'll never be possible for him to be there for her again.

Trust - faith- , like the hymen, is hard to repair once broken.