By Zach Robinson

driving to the mountain i saw you out of the corner of my eye
 and i
 thought to myself hey this looks promising and possible

we hiked together up that trail
 i walked behind you and ahead of you and beside you and saw your shadow next to me and wanted more of that

i held you at the base of the falls and felt your breath whisper in my ears and there was a rush and a heat in my heart
 and our eyes closed and we kissed
 i wanted to move into you then and there
 i wanted to feel the heat of your heart pressed against mine
 i wanted to suckle on your laughter
  be embraced by your bad jokes
 be pulled into the heat of your conversation
 and slowly breathlessly recover over the course of the next several years

a branch broke

and we realized where we were and we kept walking
and we returned to the car
and we drove home
and months later when i turned to look at you you weren't there