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"This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.", Dorothy Parker, Wit's End

My Writing Summary
untitled Upon being taken Advantage of
ghosts A love song one life too late
Papa A poem about growing up
Twilight a poem for the First Night
Just You Wait Henry Higgins My hike and relationship with Liz
Sex The kind of man I hope never to be
Holdings Post-break-up realisations

Others' Writing Summary
John Lillison Home Page The compleat works of John Lillison
The Hollow Men One of many immortal T.S. Elliot poems
Jack's Lament Jack's song from The Nightmare Before Christmas
Mad Girl's Love Song My favorite Sylvia Plath poem
September Jennifer Michael Hecht... bittersweet honest poem
November Thomas Hood's poem which inspired Opus 4 by the Art of Noise
When Man Enters Woman Great Anne Sexton poem
Childe Roland To the Dark Tower Came Browning poem which in part inspired Stephen King's classic series
Student apathy A great essay by Tess Pierce
Tongue-Tied The classic Red Dwarf spoof love song
The Pink Room A funny sex story spoof
Happy Fun Ball The legendary SNL product spoof. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.
The Day the Saucers Came A great relationship/ alien invasion story from Neil Gaiman