Marvel vs Capcom 2: Deconstructed


This page contains stage rips in various qualities and sizes. These were obtained using Demul DC Emulator, as well as other tools. Since the stages are made up of various 3D objects, there is no way to get all of it in one image as the perspective changes with the camera movement.

The stages that Zach wanted were the medium-angle shots. Those are the ones that were cropped and scaled. The rest of the images are in their respective folders, but there are a lot of shots per stage.

This is a link to the Abridged Originals (the RAR is 921mb). These are the shots that were collected for each stage and angle. The 'best' one was selected and used for the images that are below.


This table contains the RAR to the stages shot at a medium angle.

Stage # Image Link 1 Link 2
Abyss 1 Download 1920x1080 Download Original Size
Boat 1
Bridge 1
Carnival 1
Cave 1
Clock 1
Desert 1
Factory 1
Raft 1
Training 1