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Custom MvC2 Home

Welcome to the custom MvC2 home page. Here you will find the updated version of ComboMasher's classic tutorial for making a custom MvC2 for the Dreamcast. All necessary downloads and tool are located on the downloads page.

These instructions presume that you have downloaded the file from the Download page: has backups of all the software needed here. (In some cases, you may be able to download "current" versions of the needed software if those companies are still around.)

Extract the "selfboot" folder from the "SelfBoot" zip file to your "C:" drive. View. You will see a folder called "data", this is where you will want to extract all your data to. This will be the folder we will be working with for most of these steps.

Hit Preppy up at SRK (Preppy) or Twitter (zachdms) if you notice anything broken. If you need help - or want to share your work! - the MvC2 Custom Mix group on Facebook is great.

If you need inspiration, this list of current mix downloads can be an excellent starting point. And you can find multi-select mixes here.

-> Update 04/03/21 - Dave put up a guide on how to customize and install mixes on jail-broken PS3s. The PS3 version repackages the PS2 files, so it's pretty easy to work with.

-> Update 02/27/21 - Modernized this guide thanks to input from Biggs and other members of the community. All the links should work now, and everything should work on current versions of Windows.

-> Update 01/18/21 - Biggs put up a MvC2 Custom Mix Tutorial video which helpfully walks you through all of this.

-> Update 05/23/20 - Updated VMU hack package for Dreamcast from jed: copy those into your image. Once you do that, everything is unlocked by default without needing a memory card, the default speed is Turbo 1, and random stage select actually will select from all stages. This is now covered in the "Update Data" step.