Custom MvC2 Home

Welcome to the custom MvC2 home page. Here you will find a complete tutorial for making a custom MvC2 for the Dreamcast. All necessary downloads and tool are located on the downloads page.

Preppy says: This page is a backup for Combomasher's old site which is long gone. I believe I've fixed all the links, but hit me up on SRK (Preppy) or Twitter (zachdms) if you notice anything broken. There's also a MvC2 Custom Mix group on Facebook that can help you out.

-> Update 05/23/20 - Updated VMU hack package for Dreamcast from jed: copy those into your image. Once you do that, everything is unlocked by default without needing a memory card, the default speed is Turbo 1, and random stage select actually will select from all stages.

-> Update 02/9/20 - Updated the Download package with the Magnetro ip.bin and 1st_read.bin that unlocks everything without needing a memory card.

-> Update 09/9/16 - This list of current mix downloads can be an excellent starting point. And there's multi-select mixes here.

-> Update 01/11/15 - David Nightingale put together a simplified guide to burning that might be helpful to you.

-> Update 09/26/07 - Suupabuu has released a new version of his PalMod tool that now has support for editing PS2 character files. Download it here: PalMod

-> Update 08/29/07 - Added tutorial on how to edit characters color palettes. Link is at the top of the menu "Customize Characters". This is a very new project and as people experiment with the tool more updates will be added as they are provided. Feel free to post pics of your new characters in this thread at Shoryuken.