Please check back regularly for updates. There are typically several updates per week. Please do hit me up if you encounter issues/concerns/confusion. Please always use the latest non-beta version. The PalMod guides can be found here.

Current Version:
Version 1.67 beta: Adds support for Street Fighter III: Second Impact.

Version 1.66: Adds support for Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Shodown 3, SFA1, VHunt2, VSAV, VSAV2, and Waku Waku 7. SFIII3-A Gill support (including the encrypted glow). Improved CVS2, KOF02UM, and 3S-DC color handling. SFA2 portrait palettes. SFA3 Win portraits. Lots of sprite updates.

Since 1.22 way back in 2008: Added support for COTA, CVS2, Gem Fighter, Jojo's, Karnov's Revenge, MSH, MSHvSF, MvC1, MvC2 arcade (NAOMI), Red Earth (aka War-Zard), SFA1, SFA2, SFA3, SFZ2A, XvSF, Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Arcade and Steam), KOF98, KOF:02 (NEOGEO), KOF02UM (Steam), Samurai Shodown 5 Special, SVCPlusA; support for the SIMM-based rerips of Jojos, MvC2, and SFIII3; support for CPS2 revision variants of supported games; Windows 10 Color Picker Power Toy paste support; tons of new sprites, Team View for MvC2, high DPI support fixed, tons of new palettes for most games, large palette support natively and via Extras extension files, 16 color per line support, multisprite export work, IPS patch output, it builds Unicode, it's faster and uses less memory, lots of important bug fixes especially for MvC2-Dreamcast. Please do not use 1.22: it is old and buggy. You want the latest non-beta version.

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